November 19, 2018


Our power crystals hold miraculous properties that help energetically inspire & awaken your best self. The abundant energy they breathe is the perfect complement to our collection of scents that inspire

Our wish is that you may live your life in the most powerful way, for you. Whether that is with peacecouragetruthstrengthlovecreativity or any other intention... the power is yours. Our scents and crystals help remind you of your power, and give you the energy and inspiration to dig deep, keep going and create the life you imagine.

Our power crystals have been charged by the energy of the most recent full moon!

When they arrive to your doorstep they are fully energized, and ready to inspire you. While relaxing, place them on your stomach, chest or third eye and absorb their energetic inspiration. Or enjoy the energy they provide in a room or office. (We love arranging them in our planters!🌵) 

Shop our new power crystals here. You'll receive yours 
FREE with the purchase of any 2 solid perfume sticks. Simply add the crystal and 2 solid perfumes to your cart. No coupon code required.


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