About Perfumies


Perfumies founder Sarah Johnson rarely made it home before 11pm for over 13 years as a busy New Yorker with a full work & social schedule. There was rarely a chance of making it back to her apartment to freshen up in between meetings, classes, events, and dates. Carrying a huge bottle of perfume from work to gym to happy hour to dinner was no longer an option after one shattered & spilled in her bag. She craved an unbreakable and spill-proof product that she could stash in her pocket & touch up while on the go, that made her feel fresh & fabulous while frolicking around the city that she loved. And so, she developed a solid perfume formula in her small apartment on the Upper East Side, and set out to help everyone who also wanted to smell pretty always, especially while on the go.  


Perfumies is a collection of all natural, small-batch, travel-friendly, fun, flirty, and fabulous solid perfume sticks. Our formula omits toxic, harmful ingredients--because simple, wholesome, nature-based ingredients are far superior. And because products that make you smell great shouldn't be full of ingredients that you can't pronounce. We promise you'll love our natural, fresh formulas that are made with American hands and tons of love and care. We promise wearing Perfumies will make you smell good and feel good, and therefore feel more confident, fun... and flirty!


Have you ever packed up your favorite perfume bottle for a big trip and had it break or spill in your suitcase or even get confiscated by TSA at airport security? We feel your frustration. Fragrances are simply not made for anything but sitting on a shelf... until now.

We are excited to offer a product for the gals (and guys!) who are always on the go but still want to smell delicious. We are excited that you now can freshen up your scent from the comfort of a coffee shop, locker room, subway car, or Uber ride. We are excited to change the way the world wears and carries perfume.

Their compact size makes Perfumies airport-friendly, and also perfect to throw in a purse or gym bag for use throughout your busy day. The slender and elegant tube allows you to discreetly dab deliciousness on your wrists, neck, or cleavage without getting your fingers sticky.

Each stick packs a punch of scent. You only need a dab, the tube will last you months with regular use. We love that the coconut oil base melts into your skin and keeps the scent close to your body.

Carry them in your change purse, back pocket, gym bag, fanny pack, or leave them around your office, car, and home––and you'll never be caught smelling anything pretty! Shop all scents now.