About Perfumies


Perfumies is an artisanal collection of natural, handmade, small-batch, luxurious bath & body products formulated to inspire you to awaken your best self through the power of scent.  


Our products never use parabens, phthalates, petroleum, mineral oil, formaldehyde, BHA, sodium lauryl sulfate or any toxic, harmful ingredients-- because simple, wholesome ingredients are far superior. And because products that make you smell good and feel good shouldn't be full of ingredients that you can't pronounce. We promise you'll love our natural, fresh formulas that are made with American hands and lots of love.


Perfumies use the power of scent to help awaken inspiration inside you. Your sense of smell has direct pathways to the emotional centers of your brain: the amygdala and hippocampus. Each Perfumies scent is attached to a specific inspiration so when you are exposed to one of our scents, your brain automatically connects to its inspiration. Think of each scent as the equivalent of a string tied around your finger, there to remind you of your inspiration with each sniff.

Perfumies are fragrant tools for transformation. Of all the senses, sense of smell most powerfully connects to your mind and spirit. We believe scent triggers emotional connection through self-awareness. We believe scent transforms. We believe scent heals. We believe scent empowers. We believe you will successfully awaken your best self through the power of Perfumies.